MBC lu

MBC lu
the Lower K. Legend. Photo MBC

Friday, October 24, 2014

Minnesota Bald Eagles bring Fisher Cat? please let us know what you think it is.. 4/29/12

Over 30 Bald Eagles in the back yard (Matt Honan)

Uploaded on Jun 27, 2008

This video was recorded in Unalaska, Alaska. Google it. A bunch of bald eagles show up in our back yard. You get to hear a lot of the bald eagles talking. My kids get really close to them, they must really want more red salmon. Right now the salmon are running upstream to spawn so most of the locals are set-netting on the beach and smoking/canning/grilling some sockeye. In this video the native Aleuts were subsistence fishing and drying out the fillets. The Aleuts were not using the heads and guts and that is what the eagles were eating.

Miracle Eagle

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey Hawk Lovers!  Don't forget Larry Broderick is leading a hike tomorrow, Sunday, September 28th, along the Laguna de Santa Rosa trail.  Come learn about the Raptors of the Laguna, by joining this Birds of Prey Identification and Natural History Walk.  Space is limited, but If you'd like to join us, please email Anita Smith at anita@lagunafoundation.org before 8:00am Sunday morning.

Jenner Hike

Larry led a group of 16+ hikers today in Jenner Headlands.  This enthusiastic group walked 6 miles today at 1000 feet elevation, seeing a variety of hawks and falcons.  If you haven't been on one of these hikes before, make sure you sign up for the next one.  You don't want to miss these opportunities!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hawkwatch International - Hawk Watchers Chime in on Optics

Hawkwatch International - Hawk Watchers Chime in on Optics

10x50 SLC is the go to for West County Hawk Watch, Tried them all these work best for me, fond of Zeiss and Leica, But coming from the West Coast GGRO culture, really like what Swarovski has to offer. Regarding shaky hands and comfort levels, being 6'3" and 300lbs holding them "steady" is never a problem and to be perfectly honest have used them from dawn to dusk without really feeling they were to heavy, all that said I am very interested in the 12x50 and even the 15x56, just don't have the funds. One last note I've had the 10x50s for 15 years and they are still like new, very durable product and Swarovski has been very helpful in replacing lost or worn parts free of charge.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dates Fall 2014, please come out and join us....

Solano Land Trust Raptor Identification Team 2014(LT) Hikes, Tours & Workshops.

9-6-14 (Sat) King Swett: Jim Walsh leads fast paced naturalist hike and raptor survey.

9-21-14 (Sun) Lynch Canyon Open Space: “Migration kick off” Survey and Hike.

10-4-14 (Sat) King Swett, Jim Walsh leads fast paced naturalist hike and raptor survey.

10-19-14 (Sun) Lynch Canyon Open Space “Migration & Over-wintering” Birds of prey tour.

11-1-14 (Sat) King Swett Jim Walsh leads fast paced naturalist Hike and Raptor survey.

12-6-14 (Sat) King Swett Jim Walsh leads fast paced naturalist Hike and Raptor survey

12-7-14 (Sun) Lynch Canyon over-wintering survey

12-20-14 (Sat) Lynch Canyon The best Gift, Gift of Hawks. First 5 register get gift bags.

_ Sonoma Land Trust. 2014 WCHW. Hikes and Workshops.

9-10-14 (Wed) REI Marin, Birds of Prey, Natural History, Identification and Local legends

9-27-14 (Sat) Jenner Headlands Preserve  via TWC Sonoma Land Trust (Migration sensation)

10-5-14 (Sun) Estero (public) Sonoma Land Trust (Migration sensation)

10-11-14 (Sat) Jenner Headlands Preserve Raptor Migration Sensation II via TWC {Dave Barry leads) Sonoma Land Trust

10-14-14 (Tues)Santa Rosa REI Birds of Prey, Natural History, Identification and Local legends

11-8-14 (Sun) Skaggs Island (members) Sonoma Land Trust (Over-wintering wonderland 1)

11-15-14 (Sat) Skaggs Island (public) Sonoma Land Trust (Over-wintering wonderland 2)

_ Bird Rescue Center, Sonoma County. Natural History series. Raptor Identification Workshop. 

Friday, 9-19-14: Local Hawks in the region, Migration, Resident and Over-wintering.

7pm Sharp_ Church of the Roses, Santa Rosa. (Near the southeast corner of Montgomery Village)

Bird Rescue Center, Natural History Series is also offing these informative and interesting events from a these local rehabilitators, conservationists, photographers and authors;

9-25-14 with Veronica Bowers Native Song Birds.

10-3-14 Paul Bannick Owls of Northern California.

9-12-14 David Lukas on Birds and how they work.

The Laguna Foundation @ the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Fall 2014 Birds of Prey Hike.

9-28, Laguna Foundation Raptor Migration Sensation 2014, come out and look for migratory and over-wintering hawks.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great looks at a young Bald Eagle, via Pam Aus.

Eagles, Eagles, Eagles Everywhere! via Pam Aus documentation of the Unalaska BAEA community

big birds, watch out!

Food Fight Bald Eagle style _ December 1, 2012. Pam Aus!

another incredible "days of an eagles lives" by Pam Aus.

Bald Eagles and large food source. via the Bald Eagle lady: Pam Aus!

Great age study for many different Bald Eagle plumage variations...

A Juvenile Eagle Visits Again _ Pam Aus from Unalaska and her Eagles

Great color here, head looks 3 going on 4? what do you guys and gals think?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last Raptor Identification Hike of the 2013/2014 Year.

West County Hawk Watch team had their last scheduled hike of the year today.  Again, we are reminded why we wrap things up in March.  Not a lot of bird activity, although highlights of the trip included a barn owl (in the barn!), a nesting Great Horned Owl, and great looks at a Ferruginous Hawk who seemed to follow us back to the ranch.  Beautiful sunny day out there and I think a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Larry for an awesome year and continuing to spread the raptor fever!

photos copyright Y. Motherwell. 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bardsey Wildlife: The Sparrowhawk saga

Bardsey Wildlife: The Sparrowhawk saga: March 4th Another day of clear skies and calm winds saw temperatures rising into double figures, and a south-westerly wind certainly prov...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tricky ID at best. Where are all the spotters? any clue on Identification here?

IMG_3455, originally uploaded by ymotherwell.
This is wild crazy light.  _ _ Y. Motherwell WCHW 2014
Tricky ID.

Straights Drain Lower Klamath NWR. Here we have 8 Bald Eagles along with a motley crew of gulls and ravens

IMG_9655 crop oh yeah baby, originally uploaded by norcal_birdman.

top notch experience.
been there 20 times in last 25 years, never fails always cool stuff to see. seen 100s of Bald Eagles on each trip, excellent views of Rough-legged Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Golden Eagles, Ferruginous Hawks, Merlin. Kestrel. Rare sightings of Red-shouldered Hawks, Peregrine, White-tailed kite, Coopers Hawk. The Lower K, along with Butte Valley just south off the HWY 97, is a great case study in aging Bald Eagles, with so many present it is easy to learn all the color phases and patterns because of the sheer numbers of sightings. also other wildlife and wide open spaces and total separation from city life. One of the best places on earth, for me.
Written by West County Hawk Watch.  18-Mar-2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rough-legged Hawk

by Earl Reinink

Rough-legged Hawk. Final approach ... .. .

by Earl Reinink

A delicate perch

A delicate perch, originally uploaded by Earl Reinink.

Earl Reinink. fabulous photo.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour, originally uploaded by Earl Reinink.