MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
the Lower K. Legend. MBC Photo

Friday, January 6, 2012

story for sonoma land trust,

Ahh, the Jenner Headlands, FeHa central. aka Merlin alley... in fall the Merlin's fly fast and swift through the headlands on their annual migration and some take up seasonal residence. While the over wintering Ferruginous (FEHA) come to stay for Christmas and the New Year and gives you the rustic orange brilliance that only it can...

Oh yes, regarding the Jenner headlands? Did somebody say raptors? . . . There are the Coopers and Sharp-shinned hawks cruising south for the winter, while the Northern Harriers glide about. White-tailed Kites do their trademark field identification demo. 

Aside from the speedy little Merlin, you can see the other three falcons at the Jenner Headlands as well.  Ever had a four falcon day? It feels good.  Aside from the Ferrug’s, the other soaring hawks or Buteo’s are chiefly Red-tail’s of all ages and morphs, as well as a few Red-shouldered Hawks and yes we have the Broad-winged Hawk documented as well.

We are set to go look for the Rough-legged Hawk, but that is always a tough one, if we get it, it would be a big deal. We’ve had them though-out Sonoma County, just need that confirmation in the headlands, I’ve seen them along hwy 1 before the town of Jenner. Speaking of the town, the Bald Eagles are there now and again, we had the BAEA, baldies, or Bald Eagles on the Jenner headlands count last year. We had a few Golden Eagle sightings this year, as well as Osprey.  Did I leave any one out? Oh yes. The TUVU! We did see a lot of Turkey Vulture activity as well, form kettles of a 100, to TV’s doing aerial stunts with Harriers and Red-tails. One day, after the count was done and things were winding down in regards to activity, I laid back on my blanket and looked into the sky, it wasn’t move then 2 or 3 minutes and Mr. (or Mrs.) T.V. had come down for a closer look, flying a few feet above me, as its wings created a huge whooshing sound as it sped by….

Also of note, on the Raptor hikes and Raptor migration counts, we noted a dozen or so sightings of each, Bobcat and Coyote, the big surprise was the Badger! Caught on tape!

In regards to other birds, I really got a kick out of the Rock Wrens, Horned Larks & Lark sparrows.

Good stuff! Keep those hikes and migration counts coming SLT and thank-you for making it happen!

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