MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
the Lower K. Legend. MBC Photo

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello North Bay Hawk Watchers. Year of the Roughies, (rough-legged hawk) 2012.
GGRO: 14 total, 4 of them last week.
Sonoma and Marin local birders have upwards of a dozen sightings as well. With many sightings up here in SoCo the last few weeks. Very exciting. It's been a few years since I've witnessed such a influx of this hawk.
Beautiful bird, Roger Marlowe, not only documented, but he also photographed a couple of them at the Jenner hawk watch site. Finally the Jenner Headlands Hawk Watch can add this relevant data to the season and Roger's sightings have made it a 5 buteo year! That's good nature! that's good work!
thank-you all for your hard work, generous knowledge and kind friendship, In a natural world that never ceases to amaze...everyday is great when you get nature.
photo: Garrett Lau copyright 2012. klamath winters wings 2010 raptor rally. used with permission visit Garrett's skills @ http://www.pbase.com/garrettlau/nature 

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