MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
the Lower K. Legend. MBC Photo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

As promised remaining 2017 winter dates, tours and outings.... WCHW

February (10th, 11th 12th) is Bay Area Flyway Festival and on:

February 11th Sears Point Property (Dickson Trial / Baylands) tour with Sonoma Land Trust 10am to 11:45am.

February 11th Sears Point Property (Dickson Trial / Baylands) tour with Sonoma Land Trust Noon to 1:45pm.

February 12th Solano Land Trust tour at Lynch Canyon Open Space 10am to 2pm


February 16th - 19th (Thursday -Sunday) Klamath Basin Audubon Society,

Winter Wings Festival @ Lower Klamath Basin Region. West County HawkWatch is not planning on going but we have some folks in the Region to help you if you are there, we have 25 years of history in the basin.

February 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) West County Hawkwatch,

Trip to the Lower Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge complex, including but not limited to the Butte Valley, Lower Klamath and Tule Lake. WCHW member, guest and VIP tour 2017. Exclusive and Extensive tours with our own group.

March 4th, (Saturday) Spring Lake Cub Scout Bird and Nature Hike. Cub Scout Pack 25

West County Hawkwatch Nature Outing. Bird, Hawk, Nature hike at Spring Lake Park 2pm to 4pm, Meet at the Environmental Center at Spring Lake Park, looking for birding and naturalists to help lead. Call or email Larry 707-791-0335 or northcoastraptor@gmail.com (I need help! please consider helping me lead the next generation of birders!)

March 5th (Sunday) 10am to 2pm Sonoma Land Trust,

Skaggs Island Over-wintering Birds of Prey and wildlife tour with Sonoma Land Trust Website: www.sonomalandtrust.org under the "out on the lands" calendar.

March 9th (Thursday) 7:00 to 8:30pm, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation,

Birds of Prey Identification and Natural History PowerPoint Presentation at the Laguna Foundation Center

March 11th (Saturday) 10am to 2pm, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation,

Laguna Birds of Prey Identification and Natural History walk on the Laguna Trail. 

March 18th (Saturday) 1pm-5pm, Saturday Solano Land Trust,

2016 - 2017 Season close, PowerPoint and Hike, Birds of Prey Identification and Natural History, at Rush Ranch - starting at 1pm. West County HawkWatch presents "Local Hawks in the region, Migration, Resident and Over-wintering identification and Natural history" a beginning and novice talk and PowerPoint presentation. Details on how to identify what you see when you are looking at hawks. Some history on the past, present and future of our Birds of Prey. Opportunities to go out and see these birds on upcoming scheduled hikes, walks and counts. Plus some handouts of Hawk Identification process paperwork. Solano Land Trust website: www.solanolandtrust.org under events calendar. Pre-registration recommended.

Raptors from Ridges

(Sonoma County Regional Parks 2017 program launch, March, April, May, see below)

Larry Broderick & Dave LaCasse will guide and lead you helping you soar to new heights for the spring raptor migration and resident wildlife viewing!  Expect up-and-down terrain on these 3-5 milers with experienced Naturalist's and Bird Guides.  Bring lunch, water, layered clothing for the varied elements, binoculars, and field guides for your learning pleasure. 

Raptors from Ridges

Heavy rain cancels. Info.: (707) 565-2041

March 19 - (Sunday) 9am -1pm - North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park

April 9 - (Sunday) 9am -1pm Tolay Lake Regional Park

May 7 - (Sunday) 9am -1pm Taylor Mountain Regional Park – Petaluma Hill Road Entrance

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