MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
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Sunday, November 17, 2019

update on the Skaggs Island, tour resiults 11-16-19 10am to 2pm

as promised list and notes on the Skaggs, 11-16-19 auto tour, walk.

Sonoma Land Trust outing 11-16-19, Highlights and Count from todays Skaggs Island [San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge] public guided auto tour and hike.

Highlight 1, Merlin attacking Great-horned Owl, epic display of Merlin's tenacious [over-winte
ring] territorial defense.

Highlight 2, Shorth-eared Owls on display, 1 flying right over us and 2 more off in the distance.

Highlight 3, Burrowing Owl flying right over us, giving great looks.

Highlight 4, a Coopers Hawk soaring right above us, giving us great looks.

3 Great-horned Owls, (5 sightings)
3 Short-eared Owls, (5 sightings)
1 Burrowing Owls, (2 sightings)
1 Coopers Hawk, Juvenile, Female
1 Prairie Falcon (will check age with K.M)
4 Merlin (7 sightings) 3 taiga, 1 dark
1 Peregrine Falcon*
5 American Kestrel, (8 sightings)
13 White-tailed Kites, (21 sightings)
23 Northern Harriers, (36 sightings) **** notes
22 Red-tailed Hawks, (34 sightings) ***notes
5 Red-shouldered Hawks**
3 Turkey Vulture, (oddly low)

* (seen on highway 37 leaving the tour)
** (3 seen on highway 37, 2 seen on Lakeville)
*** (most were western adults, 4 of them juvenile western, 1 was juvenile intermediate)
**** (most were distant, but we did have 4 male, 7 female, 3 juvenile, rest undoc...)

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