MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
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Monday, September 20, 2021

Broad-winged Hawks on the West Coast migration 9-26-2021.... Jenner Headlands Preserve Raptor Migration Hike ~ 10am to 2pm

9.26.2021 Jenner Headlands Preserve
6 Broad-winged Hawks comprised of;
2 Adult light morphs, 
1 Adult dark morph, 
3 Juveniles
(see photo references below)

So WE did a thing yesterday.. 9-26-2021....
During a TWC Raptor Migration Hike / Count event; the hike pretty much just ended up a Point Count... 

WE set up on the Upper "Raptor Ridge" trail, below the upper trees to the north east, on that bluff over looking the "football field" as it was windy down along the coastal prairie and overlook... We sat / stood in awe and watched the parade of Accipiter's and Broad-winged Hawks..

The shear fact we had both Dark and Light Morph Adults accentuated the experience, and add in the Juvenile birds and the BWHA workshop was complete.... 

Fantastic experience for the group and great memories for many who got a life bird on this special day.

(photos below of the Broad-winged's are from professional photographers, these photos are indicative of what we saw, but not the actual birds we saw, using them as reference and educational use only)

Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk, Ron LeValley 

Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk, the one and only Don Bartling photography 

Adult Broad-winged Hawk, David Brown photo 

Dark Morph Broad-winged Hawk, Tony Leukering photo credit 

Luckily the whole group was able to get onto {thanks TWC and WCHW} for suppling some extra binocs so everyone could enjoy these highly migratory, small, compact Buteo's. 

This day ties, and possibly breaks the earlier record up at Jenner for BWHA's.

A lot of the plans for Jenner Hawk Migration monitoring were conceived by Dan Nelson's records of Hawk Migrations on of Bay Hill road in the 1990s and early 2000s and documented in his Madrone Audubon sightings as well as Jesse House who also was instrumental in some of those early west counties surveys....

Lucky to be able to get up there and count these hawks, thankful for all the volunteers, counters, spotters and ultimately the day leaders.

Keep up the great work .. 

Also on this day of 9.26.2021: 
19 Coopers Hawks 
8 Sharp-shinned Hawks 
36 Red-tailed Hawks [3 were juv]
23 American Kestrels 
4 Northern Harriers 
21 Turkey Vultures

Adult Red-tailed Hawk Jenner

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, all rights original photographer. 

Sharp-shinned Hawk Jenner

Coopers Hawks tussling Jenner

Coopers Hawks Jenner

Sharp-shinned Hawk Jenner

Cooper's Hawk Don Bartling...

Juvenile Harrier Jenner 

Two birds below for reference only.... from the web, male harrier and juvenile harrier 


Northern Harriers above, juv, female, male ... ^

Female Kestrel for reference only 

Male Kestrel for refence only 

LB, Jenner Headlands Hawkwatch Project 

Thank you The Wildlands Conservancy, Sonoma Land Trust, Hawkwatch International and North American Hawk Migration Association... 


Jenner Headlands Preserve
Raptor migration hike, Sunday 9-26-2021, 10am to 3pm
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