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MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
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Friday, August 17, 2018

August 25th, Saturday Orientation. Meet at 9:15, head up at 9:30, we'll be done by noon, we are going to check to gate, stock the forms bin, time the walk up from the barn, explore a shuttle to and from the barn, and look for some hawks, if its good we may stay past noon.
Call Larry for details 707 791-0335

and.... August 29th, detail below from Dave
Hello Team,

We will be starting our Fall Migration Project on Wednesday Aug 29TH 2018. There is a slight difference to our protocol this year.

We will still meet at the Jenner Visitor Center (JVC) and carpool to the Jenner Hawk Overlook (JHO). We will leave the JVC at 0930 SHARP! So that we can start our Hawkwatch at 1000 hours.

Here is the IMPORTANT new Protocol: We will park our vehicles at the barn and walk to our Hawkwatch site about 200 yards! We are still working on the details with The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC).
We will stay until 1400 hours (2:00) than depart the hill.

If joining please let us know. You should bring layered clothing! It can be hot or it can be down right cold & windy!!

Things to bring:

Lunch food snacks
Hydration fluids
Spotting scope
Folding chair
A Great Attitude
A desire to learn
Wind gauge
Pencil or pen & paper

I will be at every Wednesday except Sept 5TH, unless something unforeseen come up?

Looking forward to another great year! Get out and practice your ID skills beforehand.

I also can not use Yahoo Groups any more.
So this FB group will be my main form of communication with our Team.

Dave Barry.

Larry B. Edits....

(I posted this for Dave, I will be posting on Yahoo, Facebook, and West County Hawkwatch goggle blogger)

So for yahoo?
Headlands Hawks at Yahoo groups (where you are now)

Jenner Headlands Hawk Migration Project & West County Hawkwatch Raptor Research Group

Google Blogger?
West County Hawkwatch

Best email for Larry?

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