MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.

MBC Dilute Plumage Bald profile photo.
the Lower K. Legend. MBC Photo

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lower Klamath Basin Raptors 2013

Greetings Raptor fans,
We had a couple teams in over the last few days at the Lower Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge. (post 2013 Winter Wings festival)

This trip was dubbed the "not fresh enough team" in honor of those who decided that.
(internal WCHW memo 2012 WiWi updates)

We wanted to Thank Charlotte Kisling, Jesse & Claire House, David Barry, Sameth Prom and Josh Asel for a great trip and some memorable sightings and stories.....

               Broderick-House photo copyright 2013

Spent 8 hours at: Ashland I-5, Medford Hwy 140, Kamath Falls Hwy 97 and the Lower Klamath Refuge, hit the famous area where the Dilute had been seen, then Tule Lk, to Visitor center, to Lower Klamath road and the FEHA/GOEA hot spots, then to the Lower K. Ref., then out through Straights Drain parcels and out the Township rd and back up the 97, 140, I-5 to Ashland (2/25/2013)

 4 year old Bald Eagle. Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge 2013.
Broderick-House photo copyright 2013

2/25/2013 Lower Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge Complex system.

this list is subject to change over the next couple days as data is confirmed...
325+ Balds
14 FEHA  (w 1 dark)
57 RLHA (w 8 dark)
63 NOHA (w 13 male) few juv's as cinnamon/pumpkin has/is fading/changing.
121 RTHA  (w 8 dark, 6 inter/rufus & 13 juv)

Wish you were here....

    PRFA 2-25-2013 north of Malin Oregon. Broderick-House photo copyright 2013

We have more coming, Dave Barry is our ebird coordinator and data/records management guy and he is on his way home today (2/27/2013)


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